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3M reusable full mask 6800

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6000 series full reusable masks are easy to use and comfortable to wear. All masks are available in three sizes and feature the 3M ™ Bayonet Coupling System that allows the attachment of a wide range of lightweight, dual-purge gas, vapor and dust protection elements to suit individual needs.

3M reusable full mask 6800 - Galeria 4

The full mask with a light, balanced design, equipped with a bayonet coupling system, which allows for connection to it, allowing for the connection of a wide range of lightweight, double cleaning elements. It is light, so you can use it for a long time without feeling tired. It provides a wide field of view and the silicone face seal ensures a high level of comfort. Its easy to put on and take off ensures a well-balanced head with four straps.


- Wide field of view
- Light and balanced construction
- Silicone face seal ensuring a high level of comfort and extended product life



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